Clean Eating 101

I have never really had a problem with food, until I became older.  I would not say it was a problem, but definitely I was addicted to sugar. (Maybe it was a problem).  My love for sweets caught up with me, not to mention Addison one of my children who is into baking and I mean baking everything sweet! I  was eating every bit of it. I also loved the birthday parties in my class, when the parents would bring cupcakes….Yummy!  I was pretty conscious about using Stevia in my coffee and just one pack. No sugar in my tea, but it was the sweets treats that got me in the end.

October 2015, my little sister Amanda came to visit and started the ball rolling. She taught me tons about eating clean, how to cook clean and how to shop.  She also started me on a yoga regimen.  With the holidays around the corner I tried, but did not want to give up sweets, especially holiday sweets. I had my yoga practice, that I pretty much stuck too.

Then in Dec. a friend of mine put out a challenge to her FB friends for the Whole30 Challenge.  Giving up dairy, carbs, sugar and legumes. Starting Jan. 1 2016. I was all over it and, I also got my husband Willie on board. We were off and running come Jan. 1st. the first two days were ok.  Then it hit me like a rock, I was depressed, scared and mad at myself. I am a very happy person, so this was not working.  I decided to get on Pintrest and get some recipes.  After day five, we were rolling, found some great recipes to play off of. To make a long story short before we knew it 30 days was completed. From that day we have been eating clean, Whole30ish, a little Paleo, and definitely clean.  Check out my Pintrest page clean eating, Paleo and 30 Whole for some great recipes.

Growing our own veggies was the number one thing we started when moving to the farm. Doing our best the first year, we had some great success and  of course some fails. This second year coming up, we will be putting all we have learned toward this next years crops. I am looking forward to posting gardening tips, recipes and a lot more.


The Dream that finally became a reality.

IMG_8836The Dream that finally became a reality.

As far back as I can remember I have always wanted to live on a farm and raise horses, live stock, grow our own food and gardening flowers. Well the horse, food and flowers part are a reality, but the live stock is still a dream. “Grateful”, to say it lightly is how I awake each morning. Looking over our pastures and off into the distant sunrise.

Married for 28 years, 29 in Jan 2016.  We have two children Addison who is 19 and Ryan who is 22. Both super people.I have been teaching Preschool for 16 years at our hometown church. We have four horses, a donkey, 2 dogs and a weird cat. We live in the foothills of the North Georgia mountains outside of Atlanta.

What my blog is about is the serenity and the power each of us have within our soul to achieve our purpose here on earth. If we just give up control and let our higher power direct us. Going through many adversities in my life from losing my mom at a young age, partying my way through college and trying to be a trophy wife and failing miserably. To totally defying everyone I ever loved.  All of this has been the bases of bringing me to where I am today.  Little did I know, all along,  God’s was giving me the stepping stones to get me where I am at today.

I am super deep into soul searching and following God’s lead. I have so much to give back in many areas, and that is the bases of this blog.

I have special people “angels” in my life that have saved me many times and taught me to stand tall and move forward. My husband Willie,  sisters Mindy and Amanda and my children. I also have a surrogate daughter Tracy who is one of my backbones, along with Leslie, Holly,. All of who give me great insight into this realm we call our world.

My blog will contain, the farm life including segments on natural horsemanship, horses training, growing vegetable, cooking and growing Iris flowers. It also features my spiritual side including daily readings, yoga and  healthy eating. Which leads me into the intro my website doTERRA, ( Where I use and sell essential oils. These have become the soul of my being and help me achieve the natural health benefits and care I need.